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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

BPAY provides an easy and safe way to accept payments from your customers. For further information refer to the BPAY website(s). Contact your financial institution or BPAY provider to enable BPAY customer payments.


Jim2 fully supports payments via BPAY. 


Quick Start With BPAY in Jim2

To start using BPAY in Jim2:

Tick BPAY in Tools > Options > Invoice.

Add your Biller Code there as well.

When you add a new card file, the BPAY Ref# in the Customer tab will be filled automatically.

You can also bulk add a BPAY Ref# to customers in a card file list (run list, right click Generate BPAY Reference#).



Tools > Options > Job > Invoice includes a Use BPAY option to enable BPAY and setting of your BPAY Biller code as issued by your bank.


use bpay1


Jim2 will automatically generate BPAY Customer Reference Numbers (CRNs) when card files are added, if BPAY is enabled in options. BPAY numbers can be generated for existing card files from a card file list.


bpay ref


Jim2 uses the standard MOD10V01 algorithm (check digit rule) to calculate the check digit used in the CRN. Jim2 accommodates up to 7 digits for the BPAY CRN.


The following areas in Jim2 offer BPAY support:


CardFiles – Customer Tab

The Customer tab includes a BPAY Ref# field.


cf bpay


This is the unique BPAY reference number for that specific customer. By being specific to a customer, rather than an invoice, this allows your customers to pay multiple invoices in one BPAY transaction, and avoids the problem of the BPAY Ref# changing each time a customer uses BPAY.


CardFile List

You can bulk update card files with a BPAY Ref# from a card file list. Generate a card file list based on any criteria, and tick Customer only (top right), then right click in the grid and select Generate BPAY Reference#.


generate bpay ref


Card files will then be updated with a unique BPAY Ref# based on Jim2’s internal card file code.


Debtors List

You can look up debtors directly via their BPAY Ref# in the Debtors List.


bpay debtors


Sorting, searching and grouping are all available as per other lists in Jim2. Click on the column header in the grid you wish to sort, then drag it to the Group By area to group.


drag header debtor list


Reports System Data Pipeline

The Report Designer’s system data pipeline includes the Company BPAY biller code as set in Options.


Further information:

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