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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

If you are using the Retail option, you will require a script that provides a menu icon to trigger the Till to open outside the invoicing routine.



If you do not have this menu script and you are using the Retail option in Jim2, please contact the Support Team at Happen Business on 02 9570 4696 or email to obtain the script. If this is the case, on the ribbon go to Tools > Scripting Engine > Script > Import.


The Till drawer menu script will display a new Till icon tillicon to the right of the report menu. You can activate the icon by selecting the Menu Scripts icon on the Tools ribbon which will bring up the Configure Menu Scripts screen. Tick the box for the associated script, then click Save.


click scripts


To open the Till drawer, select the Till icon in the Scripts area of the ribbon. Users will need to authenticate themselves to the workstation (regardless of who is currently logged on) by typing their user initials[space]password (ie. sys sys) at the prompt – the drawer will then open.


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