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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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View an Items List

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To create a list of Items, on the ribbon go to Items > Create Item List.


create item list icon


A new Items list will open.


item list


If you click Run, at this stage a list of all active Items will be generated. However, if you enter data into the various fields and/or use the tick boxes, you can refine (filter) the search results.


The fields, tick boxes and their use are explained below.





Enter the code (or partial code) to display those Items which match the criteria.


Enter a description (or partial description) to find those Items which match that criteria.


Shows only Items with this make.


Shows only Items with this model.


Enter a report group or groups to display the Items which belong to those groups. See Info (small) below for more information on Groups.

User Groups

Enter User Groups for this Item.

Def. Name

Select a name to display those Items which have this default (user) name on them.

Serial# is required

Tick this box to display those Items which have the Serial# is required box ticked on their Item records.


By default, only active Items are shown. Since you can't delete Items, but instead must mark them as inactive, untick this box to also include inactive Items in your search results

Service Job. Sales Job. Manuf. Job.

Ticking one or more of these boxes will include service and/or sales and/or manufacturing job Items in the search results.


Note: Ticking all three of these boxes returns the same results as ticking none.


Using the above information fields, selecting Run produces a list in a format that can be sorted by dragging the column header of the format to the top of the list results table. To view or edit any of the Items within the list, simply double click, or use your F2 function key, on any of the fields relating to the Item you want to display.


drag items



On the right-hand side of the Groups field, to the right of the ellipsis [...] you will notice OR. If you select this, it will change to &. This relates to how you want to use groups within your search. If you want to select two groups and find those Items which are in both groups use the & option (Item must belong to both Group 1 and Group 2). If you want to search two groups and find Items that are in either one of those groups, select the OR option (Item can be in Group 1 or in Group 2).


There are some additional buttons at the bottom of this form, as explained below.




Add Button

Click to Open an Adding New Item screen

Edit Button

Click to Edit the currently highlighted Item. Not relevant if the list is empty

View Button

Click to View the currently highlighted Item. Not relevant if the list is empty

Run button

Runs the query and displays an Items list as filtered by data entered into the fields/tick boxes

Cancel Button

Closes the Items List screen


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