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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

The Nav Tree, positioned down the left-hand side of the Jim2 screen, displays all Ribbon tab functions (in the same order as they appear on the ribbon), with all activities and lists that are currently in use. You can move between activities and lists via the Nav Tree.



Switch between objects by selecting the appropriate object name in the Nav Tree.

Expand or minimise all objects by single clicking on the Nav Tree field at the top of the tree.


Double click on a list in the Nav Tree (or single click in the Nav Tree field with that object highlighted), which will collapse all other lists but keep that one open.


Reorder the entire Nav Tree and ribbon. For example, change the layout to Schedule, Dashboard, Email, Jobs, etc., placing the areas that are most used higher up the tree, making them more easily accessible. Reorder all lists in the tree, and even move objects (jobs, quotes, etc.) out of the lists by either dragging the object or using the Transfer From icon in the Quick Access toolbar.


The Nav Tree in action

To reorder the Nav Tree, click and hold an object, then drag it up or down to a more suitable position. For example, areas mainly worked with are CardFiles, Email, Quotes. In this case, select Email in the tree and drag it above Quotes. The ribbon also automatically reorders from left to right to match the Nav Tree layout. See Lists for a more information on reordering the Nav Tree.




These Nav Tree changes are at a user level (except for Published lists), ie. they only affect the user's Nav Tree, and are also reflected in the user's Jim2 Mobile. To restore the Nav Tree to the standard default layout, right click in the Nav Tree and select Reset UI to Default.




Right clicking on an object name in the Nav Tree will provide the same options as the icons on the ribbon tab groups (and in the same order), providing quick access to those functions. This feature is especially useful if the the ribbon has been minimised.


All nodes can be closed at once by right clicking and choosing Close All Nodes, or only close nodes under the object headings by right clicking and choosing Close Child Nodes.


Close, Close & Save or Cancel will remove the object/list from view in the workspace area and also from the Nav Tree, unless the lists are pinned. Unpinning the list will allow closing.


Lists in use will show in the Nav Tree, identified numerically in the order they were created. For example, Job List 1, Job List 2, or by the name that they have been saved as, eg. Job Parts List.


A maximum of 25 active lists can be open for each object, and an unlimited number of tab activities can be open at any time.


Expanding the Nav Tree

The Nav Tree contains additional columns which are normally hidden. These columns can be displayed by dragging the pane splitter panesplit in the right-hand border of the Nav Tree area to the right. Upon selection of a line with extra information in the columns, the column headers will populate.





The default home screen can be changed when logging on to Jim2. For example, to default to the Stock tab, drag Stock up to the top of the Nav tree. This will open Jim2 at the Stock tab every time. If there is a particular list required to be the home screen, after performing the above, pin the list, ensuring it sits in position 1 under the Stock heading . The screen will always open to that list screen:




Right click options in the Nav Tree



Right clicking on an object name within the Nav Tree provides a number of additional options, each specific to that object. Each object will have slightly different options, all of which are discussed within each object further through this Help file.


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