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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Looking for an email is quite complex via the Email Archives.


First the Object Number and Object Type need to be obtained. Then use the findstr command from the windows machine and scan for it in the email archive folders.


More information on how to use findstr can be found here : (copy and paste into a web browser).


The following must be done from the Jim2 Server Console on the Jim2 Server.

Open the Jim2 Server and select the Import Email tab.

Select the appropriate Jim2 database for the destination.

Click Add, then select the appropriate archived XML file, then Click Open.

restore email1

More than one XML file can be selected at a time.

Once the XML files appear on the left pane, select Import Emails to proceed with the import.

restore email2

The process will begin, and the results will show in the right pane when completed.

restore email3

The restored emails will now be available within the appropriate Jim2 list, as well as the System Restored folder.

restore email4



Once emails are imported back into Jim2, they are automatically flagged not to be archived again.


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