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Email (including Archiving)

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Jim2 fully supports sending and receiving emails within the system itself, removing the need for an external email program. The idea behind Jim2 email is to provide helpdesk/ticketing style functionality, and also to extend email functionality to all areas of Jim2, including service, sales, support, purchasing and accounts. Jim2 email also enhances CRM functionality.



Whilst there is no size limit for sending/receiving emails from Jim2, this is governed by the company's service provider. Some may set a limit of 10Mb maximum size.


Features include:

Incoming and outgoing email.

HTML email editor with spell checker.

Supports attachments and the ability to save them.

Incoming email rule processing based on conditions and actions.

Create purchase/expense orders, jobs, etc. from incoming email.

Ability to automatically tag emails, assign cardfiles and create jobs based on rules.

Automatic linking of emails to Jim2 objects.

Email templates for outgoing emails based on type of email being sent, ie. reports, support emails, etc.

Email template macros.

Email lists and folders.

Email security at user and/or security group level.

Integration with Jim2 objects: emails appear as comments, and can be previewed within the object.

Related emails.

Email preview pane, similar to proprietary email programs

Read/unread in both email folders and normal lists (unread emails related to jobs, etc.).

Moving of emails (eg. from sales to support).

Re-tagging of emails (bulk add or remove email tags).

See who last read an email, and when.

Creating random signature templates.

Viewing properties of an email.

Create a copy of a template.



Jim2 does not have the functionality to send read receipts, or out of office emails.


Further information

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Set Up Email

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How to

Attach Documents to Email

Bulk Email from a List

Compose and Send Emails

Create a Job, PO or Quote from Email

Create a Link Within an Email

Delete an Incorrect Email Address

Delete Multiple Emails

Diagnosing Incoming Email Issues

Diagnosing Outbound Email Issues

Edit Dictionary

Email from CardFile List

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Failed Emails

Find Missing Emails

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Link an Email to a Job, PO, Quote, etc.

Other Email Functions

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