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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Apply Tag if Email is Via a Specific Email Account

The following will create an email rule that will apply an email tag to the email if it is via a specific email account.


On the ribbon, go to Email > Email Rules and click New. The Rule Wizard will then appear.


Step 1 – Conditions

email conditions


Select the conditions that apply to this rule:

Select Recipients contains.

Select the email account that you want to use.

Click OK.

A description of the rule appears in the lower section of the rule wizard.

Click Next, as this is the only condition required for this rule.


Step 2 – Actions

Select the actions that apply to this rule if the conditions are met:

Select Add Group and click Add.

Select the email group from the drop-down options that you want to use.

Click OK.

The action is automatically ticked to Auto Run.

Click Next, as this is the only action required for this rule.

email actions1


Step 3 – Summary

Enter a name for this rule. The rule name should be short and meaningful so it's clearly understood.


tag as sales


Turn on this rule is ticked by default. At this point you are given the option to stop other rules from running once this rule has been executed. In this example we are simply checking which email account the email came via and, based on that information, flagging the email with a specific email tag. The next rule in order would then be executed because we haven't ticked this function.


Step 4 – Finish

Click Finish to add the newly created rule.



It is possible to add multiple email addresses in the Sender Contains section of the Rule Wizard by selecting the ellipsis [...] at the end of the Text field:


sender contains


Further information: