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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

The ability to SMS (text message) clients from within Jim2 is done using the Jim2 Email combined with external Email-to-SMS functionality provided by a third party.


We currently have clients using, and who should be able provide the subject from the initial outbound SMS in the response that is received back into Jim2.


This allows for the use of email rules that can automatically create jobs against the appropriate card file.

1.Sign up with an Email-to-SMS service, and enable the From account in Jim2 to be allowed to send email. Most providers will restrict who can send emails via the service-based email addresses. It is important that any email address that will be in the From is registered for use with the provider.

2.Have the provider enable the original SMS to be in the reply function (messagenet). This means you can use email rules and templates to better handle inbound replies from clients.

3.Update the users in Jim2 with a new contact type, ie. Name Email SMS (example only).

email sms


Then, from anywhere in Jim2, you can send an email to that address and the client will receive it via SMS. Obviously, you need to keep the content of the email brief.


This also includes using the Email from CardFile and Email from Job List reports.


If a customer responds to the text, Jim2 will receive an email with their response.


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