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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Deleting and Purging Emails

You are able to delete an email located anywhere in Jim2, eg. in email lists or on jobs, quotes etc. When you delete an email it will end up in the System Deleted email folder. From the System Deleted email folder you have the option of purging the email (deleting it forever) or you can un-delete it, returning it to the original email list, or the tagged Jim2 object.



The preview pane must be closed before deleting an email which has a large attachment to ensure Jim2 doesn't freeze.


Use Select All (Ctrl-A or Ctrl + left mouse button to select individually) in email lists to select all emails, if you wish to delete multiple emails.


delete email2



Purged emails cannot be recovered.



You can use the Delete and Purge email action to remove spam.


Replying to and Forwarding Emails

Wherever emails are located in Jim2, users can reply to or forward emails. You can do this by either using email icons in the ribbon, right clicking on the email and choosing an action, or viewing the email and choosing from the Email Editor ribbon.


reply email


When you reply to an unread email the original email is automatically marked as read. If you forward an unread email, the original email remains marked as unread.


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