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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

All emails sent and received via Jim2 are stored within the Jim2 database. Consequently, the size of your database may increase significantly. The Email Archiving feature provides methods to allow for archiving or deletion of emails based on rules. If required, these rules can be overridden on specific emails.


Archive Rules – Introduction

archive rules


Every email has an archive setting, which by default is set to Auto Archive, meaning that it is okay to archive this email at some stage if an archive rule applies to it.


The archive setting can be overridden and set to a specific archive rule on specific emails, either manually when composing or viewing an email or automatically, based on an email template. Some example manually applied archive rules would be Delete After 90 days or Never Archive.


archive rules1


An email's default Auto Archive setting can be overridden in any of the following ways:

Manually when composing an email.

manual archive

Manually when viewing an email.

Manually for one or more emails from an email list.

archive list

Automatically via an email template.


For example, when emailing your monthly statements you could set an email's archive setting to Delete After 90 days. This would be set up to fire when the statement report's email template is used.


If you were manually emailing a statement to a debtor where, for instance, legal action may be involved, you may want to manually override that email's archive setting to Never Archive.


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