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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Due to Google implementing 2-step verification on its free accounts on 30 May 2022, any free Gmail POP accounts set up in Jim2 will no longer be supported after 30 May 2022, and no longer be capable of POP collection.


Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) business emails are not affected and will continue to work with POP.


Examples: : Gmail will not be supported : Google Workspace with your company domain is not affected

The Happen Development Team are also putting the final touches on our new free email connector which will support new Google Workspace security requirements expected to be enforced later this year.


Clients operating with other POP email providers are not affected by this change.


To correctly set up Gmail access using a Google Workspace account, the following needs to be done by the user that has access to the Google Admin Console as a super administrator (usually the company’s administrator/IT support person):


A service account needs to be created for the company to use to access emails on behalf of users in the domain).


Google support for creating a service account: (copy and paste into a browser).


In this process, you will create a private key JSON file that you need to save.  This needs to have Domain-wide Delegation enabled for the service account.


Google support for administrators for Domain-wide Delegation: (copy and paste into a browser.


Sending email

If using Gmail as the global email server it is best to have a relay connector created that allows Jim2 to send outbound email without authentication via Gmail. The only requirement is that a static IP address is required for this to be possible. Using this method, set up the smtp server via Tools > Options > Email.


Otherwise, use the account SMTP to send directly via Gmail using SSL.


Options email


Setup detail can be found here (copy and paste into a browser):



Select Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses and enter the external static IP address. Do not select Requires SMTP Authentication.


Once completed update the default SMTP server in Jim2 via Tools > Options > Other > Email, and test to ensure all is working as expected.


gmail smtp relay


If there is no static IP address, there is a workaround option where each Jim2 user is set up with an email send record via Tools > Setups > Email > Email Accounts.


gmail alternate setup


This is not ideal – if a user changes their Gmail password, it must also be updated in Jim2 email settings.


In addition, each of the users would then be displayed in the From list within Jim2 email, ie. if there are 10 users, they would all be displayed in the list.


showing multiple email addresses


SPF record

When sending email via gmail for the domain name, ensure the DNS has been updated to include google as a provider authorised to send email from the domain name.


Please refer to (copy and paste into a browser).


Retrieving email

Retrieving email from Gmail requires the following:

1.Ensure Google Workspace is selected.

2.load the private key JSON file.




Then, test the functionality in Jim2 to ensure it is correctly set up.



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