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Create a Default Email Template

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To create a default email template:


On the ribbon, go to Email > Email Templates


email templates icon

Add a new template

Give it a template name

It is not necessary to enter Subject

In the body, create your template/email signature

Make good use of the general macros for the user's name, email, etc



Example Template

Below is a copy of the Happen default template. You can see we use the {{ System.User }} macro to put the user's name in, and the {{System.User.JobTitle }} for the job title – this information is taken from the user's card file. These and other macros can be found using the General Macros button in the Template ribbon menu.


default email template


To make it the default template:

On the ribbon go to Email > Editor Rules

On the drop-down list for Templates by Source, select the Source (ie. new, reply etc.), then choose your newly created template in the Template column.

template source

Tick Subject Token if you would like the subject line populated with the object reference, ie. Job#.



Your Default Template/Email Signature is now ready to use.


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