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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

1.To create a new template, go to Email > Email Templates.

email templates icon
add email template

2.Click Add.

new email template

3.Add a template name to describe this template, and also add the subject which will be used in each email that you create with this template.

4.Add above and below {{Body}} any text and macros that you want automatically included in each email.

body text

5.Using the Text tab, you can format the font, however you can set up your standard fonts in Email Options.


The Subject line can include macros, as shown in this example: Auto response for Ticket#{{Job.JobNo}}.


{{Body}} allows for the inclusion of comments when emailing.


Selecting a Default Template for Emails

Go to Email > Editor Rules. In the Default Template field, select the first template to be used. In the Source field, select the applicable email source (Email New, Email Reply, etc.)


default template for email


Click Save.



You can copy an email template (much like the Create Similar function) which you can then edit to alter the information to suit.


copy email template


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