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Email to Multiple Contacts

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To send an email to more than one address, there are two ways to do this:


Add email addresses to the same contact type

1.Open the cardfile, select the contact, for example Email Invoices.

2.Add the email addresses with a semi-colon between each email address, as per example below.

email to cardfile

As many email addresses as will fit within the 254 character limit can be added, including spaces and special characters.


Now, whenever emailing invoices to this customer, all these addresses will appear in the To field.


Add email addresses using the same contact type

The same Type can be used for multiple contacts within a cardfile for certain things.


For example: CardFile SAMPLE


Contact 1:

John Smith

Email Invoice

Contact 2:

Mary Brown

Email Invoice


In the above example, invoices will be emailed to both John and Mary.


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