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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

stock details tab


The contents and use of the Details tab are summarised below. Some fields are covered in more detail in the following linked pages.





Stock Details


Use this field to enter the number of months this stock has warranty for – usually the standard manufacturer's warranty. It is not a calculated field, just a reference field. To track warranty, see Info (small) below.

Publish Price to

Choose from Price List (price list reports), Web (pricing on web pages), Price List & Web (both), or Don't Publish.



Note: To be able to view stock on Jim2 Mobile, Price List & Web must be selected.


Price list and web

Discount is % of Price

Tick if the discount is to be a percentage of the stock price.

Round price up to nearest ... cents

To simplify pricing, round all odd cents up to this (nearest) amount.

Labour Content

Enter a labour content dollar value. Labour content is explained in detail here.

Hide on Invoice

If ticked, the stock details will not be printed on the invoice. If a solid black box, stock price will be hidden. Read more here.


This field appears only when stock is non depleting type. See Cost for more information.

cost on details tab

Manufact. Cost/Rate Multiplier

Only appears on the following stock types: Labour, Applies and Journal.


mfg cost


Rate Multiplier relates to actual labour. The figure entered here represents a different rate based on the user's labour rate as set on their cardfile in the User tab. For example, if the user's labour rate is $50 and 2.00 is entered in Rate Multiplier on the stock record, when adding actual labour this rate will equate to double the $50.


rate multiplier

Summary Kit

Only displayed if stock is a dynamic kit. Allows for adding stock into the kit at time of job entry. Add the kit stock, then add any other stock required and drag it into the kit.

Allow Price Override

If ticked, allows a user to change the price of this stock when adding it to a quote or job, even if that user's security level would normally not allow this.

Stock in Advance

Override default as set up in Tools > Options > Job > Stock.


stock in advance


If there is stock on hand, Sell Stock in Advance will be greyed out.

Floor Cost Markup

Enter a percentage loading to be added to the actual cost of the stock in order to increase the visible last cost. This allows compensating for handling costs, etc. in order to reflect the real cost of this stock.

Manuf. Part#

This is the manufacturer's part number for this particular stock, possibly different to the actual stock code..

GTI/UPC Number

This is the manufacturer's barcode number for this particular stock (Global Trade Item Number or Universal Product Code).

Disc. is % of Price

An example of usage is, sell product on behalf of another company and that company is to be invoiced for commission. Ticking this allows producing a job to do just that. When adding stock to the job, enter the Disc % and Jim2 will calculate the commission amount:


disc percent of price


Note: Once this checkbox is ticked, it cannot be unticked.

Superseded By

If there is a newer version of this stock with a different part number, add that part number here. Then, if when attempting to add the superseded stock code to a job, a screen will appear, asking to use the newer stock code instead.



Alternate Stock

Selecting a stock code here will provide a way to recommend an alternative product if this stock is not available. This is a display field only.

Parent Stock

Used to link versions of a product to a parent.

Most often used by clients not using Jim2 attributes, who have website integration, to assist in mapping the variations of a product to a virtual parent product.

Decimal Places




Sets the decimal places for selling a quantity of this stock. If selling in whole units only, eg. 1, 2, 6, 10, etc., leave this at 0. Change it if selling products in fractional amounts, eg. 1.25Kg of raw peanuts. See more here.

Buy Price

Choose from 2, 3 or 4 decimal places. The default is 2.

Sell Price

Choose from 2, 3 or 4 decimal places. The default is 2.


Weight (kg)

This is the weight in kilograms. Use decimal points for grams.

Length (m)

This is the length in metres. Use decimal points for centimetres.

Width (m)

This is the width in metres. Use decimal points for centimetres.

Height (m)

This is the height in metres. Use decimal points for centimetres.

Volume (m3)

The volume in cubic metres (m3). This is a display only field, calculated from multiplying length by height by width.

Cubic Weight (kg)

The cubic weight in kilograms. Cubic weight is calculated by measuring and multiplying the length, height and width of the parcel. The result is then multiplied by the industry standard cubic weight conversion factor of 250.

Dangerous goods

This is used for reference only. You can filter by this checkbox from a stock list.


Exclude from Commissions

Tick to exclude this stock from commission sessions.

Comm. Floor

Enter commission value for a base unit.

Commission %

Enter a commission percentage.

Commission Extra

Add a dollar figure for extra commission.



To track warranty start dates, remaining warranty, etc. at a transaction level, do so using Attributes.


Further information


Decimal Places


Hide on Invoice

Labour Content