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Ability to run simultaneous Jim2 Databases

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It is possible to run both simultaneous Jim2 databases, as well as running another copy on the same Jim2 database (without using another licence).


Run another copy

To run another copy on the same database go to Jim2 on the ribbon and select New Jim2 Session.




This will launch another copy of the same database using your logon credentials, meaning it is an identical session to the currently open one.



Note: In the session currently being worked on, if a form is closed, it will disappear in the Nav Tree of both copies.


Run a simultaneous session

The following explains how to run multiple copies of Jim2 when different databases are required to be open:

Right click on the Jim2 desktop icon and select Properties from the dropdown list.

Go to the Shortcut tab and change the Target string to ...\Jim2.exe -m then click OK.



Now, simultaneous instances of Jim2 can be run, providing access to multiple databases by choosing from the dropdown lists.





It is good practice to change the colours of the different databases to differentiate between them.


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