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Checklist for Checking Vendor Feeds are Updating

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Is Jes (Jim2 eBusiness Framwork) Running?

Start the Jim2 Configuration Manager (Jim2CM.exe) on the Jim2 Server, and confirm the Jes service is started and running.


Are the Modules Enabled?

In the Jes Configuration in Jim2 Configuration Manager confirm that the module for your vendor is enabled for feeds. If the module is enabled it will not appear greyed in the Modules list.




Are there Emails to be Processed?

Log on to your email account and confirm there are emails to be processed. Ensure you do not delete the emails from the account.


Are There any Errors in the Event Log?

Has Jes recorded any errors in the Windows Application Event Log on the Jim2 Server computer?


Has the Email Password Changed?

Ensure the email password in Jes matches the current email password.


Can Jes Communicate with the Email Server?

Us a tool like Telnet to make the connection from your server to the email server.


Did Jes Process any Emails?

There should be processed files in the Feed directory, as set up in the Jes configuration (see FeedDirectory in above image).


If you are setting up a new vendor feed, please follow the instructions here, or read the eBusiness Framework installation notes at (copy and paste into a web browser).


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