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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

The Setups area allows tailoring Jim2 to suit the company's specific workflow needs. Setups personalise Jim2 to reflect work practices and define issues as per business practices and expectations.


Tools Setups


Setups form the dropdown list available within an object. Although general and object defaults have been set via Options, the alternate choices available are made via these Setup screens:





These setups should be management led. Adding and editing setup options can be performed as often as required. Setup options should be reviewed regularly to ensure they reflect the current expectations and needs of the business practices. These setups are an excellent training reference for staff.


Each setup represents significant functions and choices that interact within Jim2 to speed up data entry and maintain accurate quality records, so they should be considered carefully.


The information below relates to Projects only, if the company is licensed for Projects, and in particular Page Source. It indicates that a system default is being used, however this can be changed.


values used


Follow the links for further setup information:





Managed Services

Managed Print Services