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On the ribbon, go to Tools > Setups > Stock > Price Templates.


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Price templates are a way of globally applying a price structure to a group of products. Although a price matrix can be built for each individual product, price templates can be applied easily to an entire stock list.

setup price templates

1.Add the price templates according to the product group structure that will be used. Typically, there will be a template for each group of stock that has a common selling price, and a means of calculating that selling price for a price level.


The Fixed Price and Price Level methods cannot be used – the method must be dynamic.

The example below is for stock that has all the price calculations based on the list price. If the list price was $100.00, for example, the resultant prices would be:







contract toner

This second example is more complex, in that it allows quantity discount and a mix of calculation methods:

mixed price template

2.Move the required stock into the appropriate price templates.

When in a Stock List, right click on a stock code, where price templates can be applied to selected (or all) stock codes.

Apply Price Template


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