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Email on Jim2 Mobile

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Send Related Email From Within an Object

This information relates to sending an email from within a job, and is the same for all other objects.


Whilst in a job, select the arrow in the top right of screen, then select Send Related Email.


related email in mobile


Compose an Email From Email the Home Screen

Select Email from the Home screen


email on home screen


Select the pen symbol in the upper right corner.


pen icon on mobile


To add an email address, select the plus symbol in circle symbol beside To: (to add multiple email addresses repeat the process) and search for the email address required. To remove the contact, tap the contact and select Remove.


Select the subject field and enter a subject. Tap into the body of the email and compose the email. Press Send.


Compose an Email from Card File View

On the Home screen, select CardFile, then select the required card file. Select the Contacts icon.




Select the email address, which will bring up the Compose Email screen. Follow the above instructions from here.


Add Attachments

Select the plus symbol in circle beside Attachments:


add attachments


Add Signature

Select Add Signature and the following screen will pop up. Enter your name, then select OK. Sign within the panel then select OK.


sig on mobile


Add Image from Library

When you select this, you will be taken to the Photo library on your device, where you can select the image required.


Add Image from Camera

The camera will open to screen. Take the photo, then select Use Photo.


attachments on email



Watchouts do not currently work with Jim2 Mobile.


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