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Lost or Stolen Mobile Device

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The following steps can be taken to ensure your Jim2 Mobile app is secure in case your device is lost or stolen.

1.You should always set an password/pin number or other form of security as it locks the device after a certain number of failed attempts.

2.If Jim2 Mobile has a pin number set, it will fail after 3 logon attempts with an invalid pin number and will fall back to user name and password logon.

3.If you change the user's password in Jim2, a pin number will fail regardless, and they'll need to log on to Jim2 Mobile with the new user name and password.

4.If you disable web/mobile access in Jim2 for that user, they can no longer log on via Jim2 Mobile.

5.You can set up a new Access ID (via Jes) and they'll never be able to logon regardless. If you do this you'll need to give all your Jim2 Mobile users the new 12 digit Access ID.

6.Failed logons are tracked in Tools > History.

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