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Auto Pick Stock

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The Auto Pick function queries any list of jobs and indicates (as a percentage) the availability of the stock for each job in the list.


This is great for distribution and sales oriented sites where there would be a large number of active sales jobs entered by sales staff, and the pick and pack responsibility is passed to warehouse staff.


By creating a list of all sales jobs, you can simply right click within the list result and choose Auto Pick Stock.


auto pick


This will show a new Availability column in the list, and calculate the percentage of stock available against each job.



You can also tick the Auto Pick Stock box at the bottom of the list screen and run your live list.


autopick run


On the timed refreshing of that list, the Auto Pick function will recalculate the availability of stock for the jobs in the list. This process happens in the background and you cancontinue using Jim2 in other areas whilst this is happening. As stock is received on purchase orders, the refresh of your list will take this into consideration.


The availability percent score is calculated from the currently available stock, and allocates stock via FIFO (First In – First Out) based on the order of the job list, and takes into account the stock requirements of previous jobs in the list.


A score of 100% against any sales job would obviously indicate it is okay to pick and invoice a job. However, with respect to back ordering unavailable stock, it would be wise to create some general rules for warehouse staff. For example, if stock availability score is 80% or greater, pick and invoice.


The default rules when back ordering jobs are set in Options > Jobs > Stock > Stock Grid Defaults, eg. Supply Only Available (Back order the rest). By setting these defaults to suit your supply model, in conjunction with the Auto Pick Stock function and the Auto Create Purchase Order feature, Jim2 provides a powerful, efficient and accurate live distribution tool.


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