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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

If, on your stock record, Serial On Purchase option is selected, once you have entered a quantity into the Received field on the PO, you will receive the following warning.


serial no warning


1.Once you click OK, the Serial number entry form will be displayed. The From and To fields can be used when you have multiple consecutive serial numbers to be entered.

Enter serial no on PO        

2.Click Generate to generate the list of serial numbers – if this is incorrect, you can click Clear and start again. This will only clear the generated grid not the From and To fields.


When using Generate you cannot generate more than 1000 serial numbers.

3.If you have entered serial numbers and then they are changed – you can click Restore to restore the originally entered serial numbers.

4.This grid displays the generated serial number. The quantity of serial numbers entered must match the quantity received on the purchase order.


If you enter serial numbers which are more than the quantity ordered, the Received Qty column in the purchase order will be changed.

5.Once the correct quantity of serial numbers have been entered, the following message will be displayed.

serial equals qty

6.Click either OK or Cancel once you have finished entering serial numbers.


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