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Jim2.Cloud Technical Requirements

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Workstation Requirements

Windows 10 is recommended

Intel i3 or greater

1280 x 1024 minimum resolution (1920 x1080 preferred)

2GB RAM or greater

300MB free space on HDD

Microsoft .NET 4.6.2 or greater



To ensure a quality Jim2.Cloud experience, reliable high speed internet access is required.


When used in an office environment of up to 10 users, an ADSL2+ Broadband connection should be adequate, provided the download speed is above approximately 10 Mbps.


For a larger quantity of users, an understanding of your current internet speeds and other local internet usage factors should be discussed with your IT provider, and a Happen technical representative.


Cloud Install

For PC users, we provide you with the Jim2.Cloud RemoteApp Client.


For Mac users, install Microsoft Remote Desktop available at the App Store.


For Android/iOS users, install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the appropriate app store.



A stable network is required by Jim2.        


Jim2 Mobile App        

iOS 7.1 or later        


EFTPOS (Optional with Retail)



Office 365

An Office 365 subscription that supports use within a cloud environment is required. Office ProPlus is required if you wish to activate Office 365 for use within the cloud. This is available within the E3 plan, or can be purchased separately and added to the Essentials and Business Premium Plans. Please ensure you discuss this with your IT provider.


If you do not have a compatible Office 365 Subscription, or use a standard version of Office on your local computer, please note that Office documents will need to be saved to your local PC before they can be viewed (other than basic preview) or edited. You cannot export spreadsheets from Jim2.Cloud with these versions.



It is recommended that every workstation has access to a printer (shared through network or locally installed), as a printer is required to generate and preview reports from Jim2.


Label Printer (Job/Stock Stickers)        

Zebra GK420/430 series USB Direct or Thermal Transfer Label Printer (4 inch) with EPL Drivers .

Labels – 40mm x 28mm.

Ribbons (if applicable).        


Docket/Thermal Receipt Printer        

Citizen CTS-651 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer (USB interface).        


Cash Drawer        

GC36 Cash Drawer.


Without a receipt printer, you will require a generic USB cash drawer trigger to open the cash drawer.        


Barcode Scanner        

Any generic hand held scanner should work with Jim2 Editions.



RemoteApp Installation        

Full instructions can be found in the links below.


Licence Key Installation

Happen Business will supply a unique key file which will be applied to your cloud server by Happen Business at implementation.



Software Updates

Happen Business releases updates and new versions to Jim2 throughout the year which include enhancements, bug fixes and new features.


You will be notified in advance of any pending maintenance windows to perform this work. These updates will be applied to your environment by Happen Business.


Backup and Restore Options

Backups are configured to run once a day, with copies held within the Jim2.Cloud in separate geo-located Azure datacentres.


Key Contacts

As Jim2.Cloud related alerts are sent via email, it is important that you update Happen Business with any changes to current staff contact details as they occur. We recommend that you appoint one or more accounts, licensing, and software updates contacts to receive correspondence from Happen Business.


Further information: