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Tyro EFTPOS Integration in Jim2.Cloud

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Tyro Prerequisites

To implement Tyro in Jim2, the following is required:

Jim2 Retail option.

An updated Jim2 key with Tyro enabled.

A Tyro merchant account.


Contact for further information on obtaining the updated Jim2 key and a Tyro merchant account.


Tyro Installation

The Tyro configuration is available via the additional published application in RemoteApp.


tyro config


Refer to the Tyro document Tyro Terminal Adapter Installation Guide ( – copy and paste this link into a browser) for more information on how to set up and pair the Tyro software and terminal.


Jim2 Tyro Setup

You can then enable Tyro within Jim2 (via desktop) as follows:

Go to Tools > Options > Retail & EFTPOS.

Change the EFTPOS System Type to Tyro.

Click Test to confirm that the Jim2 Client can communicate with the Tyro terminal.


The above options are all workstation-specific.


Jim2 Tyro Usage

On the Jim2 ribbon, go to Tools > Setups > Banking > Payment Types and add a new payment type for Tyro, then tick EFTPOS.


tyro payment type


All payments and refunds using this payment type will now automatically use Tyro EFTPOS as the payment method.


Further information: