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In the Jobs tab on the ribbon is the Sales Register. This is a list of sales-related documents – invoices, returns from customers and/or dockets, depending on the search criteria you choose.


sales register1


The Show Jobs button will show related jobs for RFCs, and RFCs related to an invoice.


show jobs


The Sales Register is an extremely useful tool for providing a snapshot of your company's sales and/or returns, filtered by a certain date range, customer, etc., giving you live up-to-date revenue information at your fingertips.


By selecting and right clicking an entry, you can also drill down to the actual documents within this list for further analysis.


salesreg printinv



Cust Ref# shows the customer reference on the invoice.


Explanation of Right Click Options



Print Invoice#

Reprint this invoice.

Change Invoice Ship Via

Based on what you have set up in Tools > Setups > Jobs > Ship Via, you can choose from this list


ship via

View CardFile

Takes you to the customer card file.

View Debtor details

Takes you to the debtors form.

Export Data

Exports data from the grid to a spreadsheet file.

Export Grid

Exports the grid to a spreadsheet. This is particularly useful if your grid has more than one header row, as it will export all header rows.


Print the list.

Print Preview

Preview the list to be printed.

Copy Cell

Copy the cell you have clicked on.

Copy Row

Copy the entire row you have clicked on.

Copy All

Copy all, which can then be pasted into a spreadsheet

Show Find panel

Opens the Find panel:


find box



The Find panel will remain in a pinned list.

Grid Columns...

Allows you to select more columns to add to the grid.


Further information:


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