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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Zetafax is the compatible software for faxing directly from Jim2. Basically, we print a string on the report in the system variable ZETAFAX_PRINTSTRING.


The string looks like this:


%%[TO: FaxNum, Name, Contact]


For example, Happen would be:


%%[TO: 02 8569 1858, Happen Business, Chris Delaney]


This is generated internally by Jim2, in most cases (one exception = photocopy fax out reports).



If you would like to install a copy to try out, obtain the demo then install our NFR upgrade. That will get you up and running.


Cropping Issue

Quite a few users have reported that Zetafax cuts off text fields, etc. There is an easy fix for this: simply set Emulation to Near Fax Square Pixel.


zetafax setup

Image may not represent current properties screen


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