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Technical Knowledge FAQs

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What Versions of SQL Server are Supported?

Jim2 supports SQL Server 20162 R2 or higher, including SQL Server 2017.


The only limits are those of the SQL server itself. Refer to the SQL Server product documentation to find any limits which may apply to a particular version.


How Can We get Email Working With Jim2?

It's best to set up an open relay server that does not need authentication. Once you have an open relay server on your network, On the ribbon, go to Tools > Options > Email and enter the SMTP email server.


To correct any errors, you will need to reconfigure you SMTP server to allow relaying of emails from all the machines that you send email from, or change to an SMTP server that will allow you to relay your emails.


Your spam filtering software should have the ability to exclude internal IP addresses from authentication, eg. internal computers do not need authentication.


I am Getting an Error when Trying to Email

This error is coming from your SMTP server. It means that either your internal email server is not online, or your options in Jim2 are not correct. On the ribbon, go to Tools > Options > Email.


You need to contact your system administrator to check whether or not your SMTP server is working.


Error When Trying to Email – Error Sending Email: Winsock Error no 0?

This error is likely to be caused by a third party application such as an anti-virus program. In order to fix this issue, you need to find which program is stopping the email from sending, and enable its options.


Can i Run Jim2 over VPN?

Yes. We recommend running using RDP over the VPN. This is because the amount of traffic generated by SQL Server is huge when compared with RDP.


Jim2/SQL runs at a TCP level so VPNs should not have a problem, but it could be very slow.


How do the Wish List and Feature Requests Work?

The wish list works as follows:

1.Anything added to the wish list will be reviewed by the developers for consideration at some point, and in fact a lot of new features have been added from the wish list.

2.If it's something that many sites have requested, then it will most likely be included. If it's something that would be of benefit to most Jim2 users, it is likely to be included.

3.If it's something that one site has requested, but will cause grief to most other users, then it's not likely to be included.

4.If it's something that one site has requested, that will take considerable development time, but will be of no benefit to other sites, then we will provide a quote to the site that requested the feature. They can then decide if the benefit to them is worth paying for the development time.


I Want to Change the Machine I Have the Jim2 Server Currently Running on

Can I just reinstall Jim2, update and copy the j2k file across, or is the key specific to that machine?


You will need to obtain a new key, as the key is dependent on the machine.


When you run the client for the first time, it will ask you to register. Just send that to us, and we'll be able to give you a new key.


How do I Move Jim2 Server?

See Move Jim2 to a New Server for full instructions.


How do I Start or Stop Jes?

See Start/Stop Jes.


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