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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Over time your database will grow due to transactions, documents, reports and email. There are some things to consider:

Hardware capacity for the databases, the Jim2 programs and the backup files – this will require conversation with your IT team.

Email Maintenance – deleting and purging emails that aren't required, and archiving the emails. Periodic clean up of emails that are not associated with an object (ie. not related to a job, quote or PO) is recommended. Purging emails results in the complete deletion of the email, and will be subject to security.


If you receive a message advising that there is not enough space on the disk, you will need to free up space on that drive, or you can change the working directory that you back up to whilst you free up space.


Override Working Directory

Launch Jim2 Configuration Manager (found in your Start menu under Happen), right click on the Jim2 Server and select Configure. Enter the directory you wish to use as per below:


change backup director


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