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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Set up Jim2 Mobile for Jim2.Cloud

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Install the Jim2 App from the Apple App Store (web address: on the iPhone or iPad.


Start the Jim2 Mobile App. Tap Settings in the lower right of the screen:


mobile settings


Tap the plus symbol in circle symbol to add the Happen Cloud Access ID.


add access id



Happen Business will supply the Cloud Access ID. Contact to obtain it if necessary.


Enter the Happen Cloud Access ID and tap performed.


Once the Access ID is entered, tap Sign In and log on with the Web Logon ID (refer to the User tab on your cardfile) and the same password used to log on to Jim2.


web logon


Quick Logon Tip

Once logged on to Jim2 Mobile, create a four-digit pin code, rather than logging in each time using the username and password combination.


To create a pin code, tap Options in the lower right of the screen. Tap Pin Code to create a four-digit number, tap Confirm.



This pin is specific to the device only.



Jim2 fully supports both Touch and Face ID (as well as Siri) on Apple devices, via the Options icon on the bottom right of the screen once logged on:


face & touch id


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