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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Jim2.Cloud provides a similar experience to the existing Jim2 Client, but delivered via the cloud.


Jim2.Cloud is a Named User model (either user or workstation). This means:

User Licence: This is a named account and would be for users that don't share a computer in the office. This can be used from home and other locations. A user licence should be used by the person named, and not shared with other users.

Workstation Licence: Typically for warehouse, front counter, etc. where multiple people use the same computer but log on and off Jim2 as themselves. A workstation is for the named workstation and should not be used on other computers.


Jim2.Cloud RemoteApp

Jim2.Cloud uses the latest in Microsoft RemoteApp technologies found in the latest version of Microsoft Server, and is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. RemoteApp is used to deliver the full Jim2 Client to PCs, Macs, iOS and most other tablet and mobile devices.


Happen Business is the developer of Jim2.Cloud RemoteApp. This no-setup application provides a great cloud experience, and quick and simple logon from any of the above devices.


Jim2.Cloud can be used on any device that can use the Microsoft Remote App, ie. Apple Mac.


Proactively Maintained

The Jim2.Cloud environment, housed within the Microsoft Azure Datacentres, offers the highest levels of redundancy and failover to make Jim2.Cloud readily available to users.


Jim2.Cloud includes daily backups with geo-replication to ensure that the Jim2 data is safe and available when the need arises.


All upgrades, patching, monitoring and maintenance are performed by Happen Business.


It is important to note that Jim2.Cloud is a cloud-enabled version of the Jim2 Client delivered via the cloud as an App, and so development work now and moving forward applies equally to both.


warning1 Important: Windows 7 Users

Before the cloud Client can be used with Windows 7 the following Windows Updates must be installed on any Windows 7 computers. While Windows 7 is no longer officially supported, by installing these optional updates Windows 7 will work with the new environment. Copy and paste the links into a web browser.



In order to close off the financial year in Jim2.Cloud, contact Happen Business via to arrange for us to stop the cloud instance.


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