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Promotion Start and End Dates

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The start and end dates on promotions allow a promotion to only be active within a certain date and time range.


Example use cases for using start/end dates:

1.Promotion is for a sales promotion for a certain period of time.

This is the classic sales or catalogue type promotion often seen in retail environments. Set the start date and end date range and time, if required (eg. sale starts 9:00am Saturday, till the end of the month, etc.). The promotion type Price Level may be used to limit this promotion to Retail customers.

timed sales promo

2.Promotion is for a special bid or pricing contract.

This is for a pricing contract where a list of stock is offered at a specific price, or a time period to a customer, list of customers, etc. For example, it is agreed to sell stock for this amount of time at this price. The promotion type in this use case depends on who this promotion is for. For example, if one or just a few customers, use promotion type CardFile, or if for a buying group use CardFile Group.

pricing contract


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