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Adding and Importing Stock to a Promotion

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The stock grid is a standard Jim2 stock grid as per job, quote, etc. and can be entered manually or imported from various sources.


add stock to promo


The stock grid fields are as below:


Stock details

The following fields are all related to the stock on the promotion, and all fields must be entered.




Line Number

Line number

Stock Code

Selected stock code.


Stock description as per the stock record. If the stock has attributes, click the ellipsis [...] beside this field to choose which attributes.


Unit measure.


Allows for quantity breaks. The default value of 0 means price for 0 or more units. Add additional rows for the same stock with Qty+ of 1, 5 and 10, for example.


price breaks

List Price Ex/Inc

Read only value of current list price for that stock. This is displayed as either Ex or Inc depending on the promotion's tax total setting.


promo tax total

Price Ex/Price Inc

Promotion price Ex and Inc tax.


Purchase details

The following fields are optional, and are for the purchasing details related to stock when sold under this promotion. If entered, they will be automatically added to the job/quote, and used when creating a purchase order via Auto Create purchase order.




PO Vendor

Enter a specific vendor's card code, meaning the stock will always be from this vendor.

PO Cost

Enter a specific vendor's purchase price (ex tax).



The following fields are optional, and are for the commission details related to stock when sold under this promotion. If entered, they will be automatically added to the job/quote, and picked when doing a Commission Session.




Comm Floor

Cost to base commission calculation on. If not entered, actual COGS will be used (if commission is profit based).

Comm %

Percent to use for commission (either percentage of Price Inc, Price Ex or Profit).

Comm Amt

Fixed $ amount.


Quantity based price breaks

The Qty+ field allows for an unlimited number of quantity-based price breaks for a stock code. To use quantity-based price breaks, add another line for the same stock code and adjust the Qty+ and Price Ex/Inc fields accordingly. Jim2 will then take the quantity into account when generating selling price.


qty price breaks


Importing stock into a promotion

Clicking Import displays a pop-up screen with several options to import stock directly into a promotion.


import promo


The stock can be brought in from the following sources:


Import Source


Use Case


Enter an existing Quote# and import the stock from that quote.

A price contract has been prepared and accepted on a quote. Selecting this option adds the stock on the quote to the promotion.

From Stock List

Select an existing Stock List and import stock from that list.

A list of stock has been generated for use in a promotion. Typically based on last sold or a report group, etc.

From Spreadsheet

Import stock from a manually prepared spreadsheet.

An externally generated list of stock to be used in a promotion, either manually prepared or supplied via a vendor, etc. The import use of any a spreadsheet format, as well as creating saved mappings for future use.


promo mapping


Create a spreadsheet based on the mapping details in the header, and choose to import only selected cells, if required.

From Documents (attached spreadsheet)

Import stock from a spreadsheet attached to the promotion as a document.

As above, but the spreadsheet is attached to the promotion as a document.



It is also possible to export stock from a promotion to a spreadsheet.


export promo stock


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