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Stock Promotional Pricing

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stock promo


Stock with promotional pricing will display this tab which will show which promotions and customers it relates to.



The number beside the icon represents how many active promotions apply to this job.


Untick Active Only and all promotions will appear, including those that are finished.


stock promo tab





The promotion code number.


The description as it appears on the promotion.


Any notes that appear on the promotion will appear here.


The Jim2 object type, ie. CardFile.


Lists cardfiles that relate to the promotion – as above, if there are many, it will show (multiple).

Our Ref

Our reference as appears on the promotion.

Promo Break

Ticked if this is ticked on the promotion.


Currency (if applicable).


Ticked shows that the promotion is currently active, unticked means the promotion has finished.

Date Start

Start date of the promotion.

Date End

End date of the promotion.


Vendor supplying the stock.



A promotion will not kick in if the quantity entered in a job or quote is equal to or below the Qty +.

Qty +

Promotion Qty + amount, ie 5, 10.

Price Ex.

Promotion price excluding GST.


When viewing the Promotional Pricing tab, the following three display options are available:







Displays all the relevant promos matching cardfile/price level/project on job/quote.

Promotion with all Stock

Displays all the relevant promos matching cardfile/price level/project on job/quote with their stock codes.

Promotion with matching stock

Displays all the relevant promos matching cardfile/price level/project on job/quote, and for the stock entered on the job/quote. (Adds Stock Code, Qty and Price columns to the grid).


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