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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

This function hast the ability to handle thousands of machines that are under standard or time and materials contracts, driving billing and service history.


Each contract is allocated a unique Contract ID. This can be your existing contract number or automatically generated. Details regarding the machine include:

Customer for billing

Site/location details

Site contact

Default technician

Service levels (2 hours response, etc.)

Contract type

Active jobs related to this machine

Historical jobs related to this machine

Meter setup

Meter count history

Related tasks (to do, scheduled onsites, reviews, etc.)

Related watchouts and warnings

Email/Comments grid


Follow the links below for further information:

Contract Footer

Contract Header

Contract Lists

Contract Reports

Contract Security


How to

Add a Document to a Contract

Contract Examples

Contract Variation Example

Create Similar Contract

Terminate a Contract

Unlink a Child from a Master