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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Create Similar

Allows you to create a similar contract and make changes.

Create Asset

This allows you to create an Asset for anything with a serial number. It also has the ability to select (with some setup first) the correct Item and Customer in the created Asset.

Create Variation

Opens a window for you to create a new Variation.


Self explanatory.

Add Jobs

Provides a selection of jobs that can be added, based on the contract associations.

Add Meter

Allows you to add meter readings based on the contract template.


This area explains the common tabs. Follow the links below for information on the other tabs.




Documents Button

This tab displays any documents attached to this contract, eg. a signed delivery note.

Watchouts Button

This tab will display all watchouts related to this contract, and allows addition of new watchouts.

Notes Button

This tab will display all notes related to the contract, including the contact that the note is related to. New notes can be added here.

Tasks Button

This tab will display all tasks (appointments, phone calls, to do's, etc.), related to this contract, as well as allowing adding new tasks.

promo icon

If this contract is part of promotional pricing, this tab will show which promotions are related. Unticking Active Only, will show all promotions, including those that are finished.


cardfile promo


Narrow the information down by choosing either to Display Promotion or Promotion with all Stock.


promo types

Not all fields are showing in these images


The number on the right side of the icon denotes the number of active promotions applicable to this contract.


promo number





The promotion code number.


The description as it appears on the promotion.


Displays the notes entered on the promotion.


The Jim2 object type, ie. specific pricing.


Lists cardfiles, price levels, etc. that relate to the promotion. If there are many cardfiles, it will show (multiple).


multiple recipients

Our Ref

Our reference as appears on the promotion, if used.

Promo Break

Shows whether Promo Break is used or not.


Shows the home currency.


Ticked means that the promotion is currently active, unticked means the promotion has finished.

Date Start

Start date of the promotion.

Date End

End date of the promotion.


Vendor supplying the stock.

The fields below show only when Display Promotion with all Stock is selected.


Branch (if branches are enabled).

Stock Code

Stock code related to the promotional pricing.

Qty +

The promotion quantity plus.

Price Ex.

Ex GST price for that stock code.


Follow the links below for further information:

Active Job


Invoiced Job

Meter Trans

Meter Setup

Related Stock

Default Stock


Linked Contracts

Open balance