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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Service meter reads behave very similarly to billing meter reads, and these reads are performed on the Asset.

Service reads work and report independently from the current meter read value that is displayed in the Meter Read tab on the linked contract.

Service reads are used for the right hand Consumable panel display. In general, Jim2 favours the billing reads, and extrapolates what the estimated reads for today might be. However, a service read is used if the date matches exactly, or if the service read is the only read value available.

Users will receive a warning when entering manual billing reads that are lower than a recorded service read. There is no such warning if a read comes from an MPS Connector


Service reads are ordered by the Date Out on a job, whereas billing reads are ordered by the Date Due.


Invoicing jobs for the same contract out of order may cause Jim2 to calculate an incorrect read for the interim job.


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