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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Please see Overview for an explanation of billing cycles. The Billing environment starts with a view of all contracts in a list.


machine list



Some letters in the field names within the header are underlined, eg. Cust#. Using Alt+ the underlined letter will jump to the field beside that heading.


Like all Jim2 lists, this can be sorted by contract number (as in this example), state, customer, contract type and so on. Each user can save their own favourite list layout.


As a contract comes up for billing, based on its Next Bill date, the contract's State will change to Billing Due (coloured red) within a list. This can be further refined by ticking/unticking Billable, Billing Due, Billing Ready, etc.


Once meter reads have been entered and jobs have been created, the contracts will become Billable, meaning they can now be invoiced.


This provides a snapshot of the contract environment identifying contracts that have been billed, are due to be billed and when the copy count request has been sent.


The stages are:

1.Request Meter Reading

2.Enter Meter Readings

On standalone contracts

As a batch working down the list

3.Invoice Meter Readings

Further information


Meter Billing Read Screen

Request Meter Reading

Enter Meter Readings

Invoice Meter Readings

Meter Billing Purchase Order Creation Rules

Billing Examples