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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Create Similar for Master

Open the master contract, then click Create Similar. A selection screen will appear.


create similar master


Choose which fields of that are to be duplicated on the next master, and select OK. The newly created master contract will use the next system contract number available.


Further options:

Billing Setup and Templates will include the original setup in the new master

Create Similar Child Contracts will add child contracts to the new master, based on the old one

FINISH Copied Child Contracts will finish the original child contracts automatically

Create Contract End Read will enter the end read on the original contract

Create Contract Start Read will enter the start read (based on the end read of the original contract) on the new contract.


Create Similar Machine

create similar machine


Make choices based on what you would like to appear on the new contract, similar to creating a similar master. The new contract will use the next available contract number in the system. This will allow you to copy billing setup and templates across, if desired.



Select All will exactly duplicate the fields – with the exception of the Contract# (a unique number for every master is automatically generated by Jim2, regardless of how it is being added), along with Status and Time/Date/Initial fields.


Now, new master has been created that will be similar to the first. Edit the  fields as normal.



Create Similar with the master in View mode will automatically close the original when producing duplicate master.


Create Similar with the job in Edit mode will keep the original open and produce a duplicate, ready to be edited. Cancel Similar will abort the adding of the new master (without affecting the original).



In a multi user environment, where others could be adding objects at the same time, it is a function of Jim2 to monitor the sequence of unique numbers issued at all times. If Cancel Similar is nominated by one user, and another user has the next sequential number already, the obsolete number automatically has a system status of Cancel to ensure the integrity of the database.


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