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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

Although Jim2 provides for either sales or service jobs, specific types of sales or service jobs can be applied to suit the business workflow.


The best example of the application of job types is the type of Warranty. Any job of a Warranty type must be handled by staff in a specific way. Checks must be made to ensure the conditions of warranty have been met, including warranty limits and pricing structures.



Job types that are set up should send a clear signal to users how to proceed in terms of customer expectations. Jim2 will automatically default all sales or service jobs to a type of Normal. Usual customer expectations for job turnaround and pricing should be reflected in the default due date set in Job Options. Different job types can serve to indicate a specific type of sale or service being provided, and could have specific labour pricing apply to them. Similarly, the circumstances under which users change the job type should be clearly defined.


On the ribbon, go to Tools > Setups > Jobs and select Job Type.


Tools Setups


setup job type



A job type that is currently in use (or has been used) in the Jim2 database cannot be edited or deleted. Jim2 will perform a check, and a warning message will appear.


can't edit job type



Jim2 is supplied with a system job type of Back Order (this type cannot be deleted or edited). Jim2 will apply this job type to any job created using the Back order function.


To change the type of an active job, select from the dropdown list beside the Type field on the Job screen, or use the keyboard shortcut ALT-T to move to the field, then ALT-Down Arrow to use the dropdown list.


change job type


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