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The Hide Function in Kitting

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There are times where the individual kit components should not be displayed to a customer, or prices of the components to appear on their invoice. This is where the Hide function comes in. The Hide column will appear by clicking the arrow arrow symbol on the top left-hand corner of the sales lines to show all columns.



Note: When hiding individual components, it is a good idea to view any reports before sending to customers/vendors to ensure the information showing on reports makes sense.


hide function


When Hide is not ticked all the text in the stock lines is in black, meaning that all the text will be printed on the invoice. Tick Hide for the Sony Playstation 2 and the Sony DVD Player to see that the entire lines grey out:


hide function1


This means that these line will not be printed on the invoice.


Tick Hide again and the tick will change to a black box where that the component stock, unit of measure and quantity is in black, but the prices are in grey. This means that the kit component details will show up on the invoice, but not the price.


hide function2


Clicking the Hide checkbox again will produce an empty box, and will turn all the line text back to black, showing all on the invoice.


The checkbox selection below will show the kit only, and none of the included components. Text is grey on all lines within the kit except for the header.


all hidden


The following checkbox selection will show the kit and its components, but not the component prices. Text is grey on all pricing within the kit.


show kit not prices


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