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Unreserve Stock for a Job

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Once stock is reserved within a job it cannot cannot be edited, added or deleted from the stock grid unless it is un-reserved first. If the job no longer requires the immediate sale of stock, and further processing or input is required, change the job to Unready to invoice.




This will unlock the whole job (including its stock) to further edit, and Jim2 will increase the available stock quantity.


If the job requires more processing or input prior to invoicing, and a reserve has been activated on its stock but there is no longer an immediate need for that stock, unlock the reserve. This allows removal of the stock from the job, and Jim2 will increase the available stock quantity.


To unreserve stock entered or showing in the stock grid of an active job:


reserve stock


1.If Reserve Stock icon on the ribbon was used, to un-reserve, the job must be in Edit mode. Click Unreserve Stock on the ribbon.

2.If the stock was reserved via right clicking on the stock line and choosing Reserve Stock, with the job in View mode right click the stock line within the grid and select Unreserve Stock.

3.The Inv# field in the Job header changes to Active and the stock grid changes to its original colour. The stock form is updated with the quantity unreserved and added back to the available balance of that stock.



Clicking Reserve or Unreserve will save the job and take return to View mode. Click Edit again to be able to edit the job further.


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