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Kitting and Discounts

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At the moment there are no discounts. Discounts can be added via the kitting stock card in Edit mode. On the Pricing tab, go to price levels and click the solid arrow to show all the columns:


kitting disc


In this example, a special price level providing 10% off the Retail list price of $1000 for quantities 5 and above has been added. A discount can be added for a particular price level of customer, or for a specific customer.


Lastly, manually add a discount to the whole kit, by entering the discount on the kit header, or to individual components of the kit, by changing the discount percentages on line level (based on the image at the top of this page. Jim2 will automatically take the entered discount and apply it to the kit components.


kit disc header

Add discount to kit header (line 1)


A discount can also be applied to an individual stock on the line itself:


indiv kit stock disc


The rule in Jim2 is that a discount cannot be applied to a kit and a line at the same time. Either key in a discount on the kit header (line 1), which will apply itself to the whole kit, or to a kit line, which means that Jim2 will calculate the discounts on the kit lines individually.


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