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Kitting Configurator

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The Kitting Configurator provides an easy kitting wizard to choose from any number of preconfigured kit options – suitable for any business.


In the example below, the standard stock codes have already been added, so there is no need to add anything extra.


From the Kitting tab of the dynamic kit (in the header of the stock code), click Add Category to add a category and choose from the available categories (stock groups).


kit category




Add any number of stock codes to that category by adding them below the Category header. The first stock under the Category header will be considered the default for that category.


add category


Whilst any number of categories can be used, no other stock (which is not part of the categories) should be added below these categories, otherwise they will become part of the category selection.


When adding the kit to a job or quote, Jim2 will detect that there are choices of product in that category and will automatically invoke the Kitting Configurator wizard.




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