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Electronic Payments Direct Debit Setup

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Prior to using direct debits, there is a small amount of configuration required. First, add a new payment type via Tools > Setups > Banking > Payment Type, making sure Debtors and Electronic Payments are both ticked.


debtors electronic payment type


Next, configure direct debit debtor payment options via Tools > Options > Banking as follows:


Payment type electronic


Field Name


Direct Debit Default GL Acc.

The default general ledger account to be used. This is typically a 1-XXXX asset cheque/bank account with Bank Info setup.


Note: Bank Info can be set up by Accounts > General Ledger, editing the GL account, and selecting Bank Info.

Bypass Unbanked Funds

Tick this option to bypass banking (unbanked funds) and bank the direct debit payments directly into the nominated bank account. It is suggested to untick this option if:

The invoice date does not match the direct debit date. For example, you process direct debit payments at the end of every week.

You wish to reconcile direct debit payments via banking prior to them hitting your bank account.

Direct Debit Debtor Payment Type

Select the payment type to use for direct debit payments. This is the payment type that will automatically be used by batch invoicing, and when doing a manual direct debit payment. Choices are Cheque or Electronic Payments.


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