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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

On the ribbon, go to Accounts > Banking. Here is where to perform all banking activities, such as writing cheques, depositing money and applying these to the general ledger.


Here is also where to perform bank reconciliations to make sure that the accounts balance, and enter bank feeds and settlements.


banking in ribbon



Creditor and debtor payments must be entered via Creditors or Debtors respectively, not via the cheque book. A cheque entered via the cheque book will not appear in the debtor/creditor records. Examples of cheques written from the cheque book would be payments to the ATO, transferring from one bank account to another, etc.


The options are:


Bank Deposits

Bank Feeds


Bank Reconciliation

Cheque Book

Bulk Payments

Electronic Payments

Electronic Payments – Direct Debit

Job/Order Prepayments/Refunds

Till Reconciliation