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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Jim2 Creditors manages information relating to specific vendor opening balances, purchases, payments and credits. It is linked to and controlled by account information held within each vendor's cardfile, such as the vendor terms and discounts.


Creditors allow maintaining a constant real-time balance on each vendor's account, showing any outstanding purchases, prepayments and credit amounts. This information is accessed using the Creditors list, by hyperlinks on the Purchase form, at the point of finishing the purchase order via the Purchase Order Details screen and, of course, via their cardfile code. Each transaction is easily viewed within the Creditor screen.


From Jim2 Creditors and the interaction of other vendor information, accurate and relevant reports (such as the Detailed Aged Analysis report) can be produced.


Jim2 Creditors is divided into the following specific information areas that will provide a complete detailed record of:

the creditors list – providing the option to select one creditor or a specific group of creditors

individual vendor record and their summarised creditors position via the creditor form

the outstanding transactions via the creditors allocate payments grid

the vendor's payment history via the Payments tab

communication with the creditor via the Notes tab.



It is important to use appropriate security levels when users are accessing and/or editing information that directly affects the company's financial records.


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