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Creditors Allocate Payments Grid

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From the Allocate Payments tab, you can see which payments were applied to invoices, and the date of those payments. When you open a creditor's record, the Allocate Payments tab is displayed, showing all outstanding invoices at that point in time.


creditors allocate


To allocate payments double click in the Paid Now field and enter the amount when entering a payment.



If the Payment Approved tick box is not ticked against an invoice, you cannot apply payments or credits to that invoice. There is a default setting in Tools > Options > Purchase where you can select Payments are Approved by default.


This default setting largely depends on the workflow in your business as to who is ordering the goods and approving creditor invoices/POs for payment.


If the person finishing the POs (ie. checking them against the vendor invoices prior to finishing) is the person who is responsible for approving the invoices for payment, it makes sense for the default to be set as Approved.


If the responsibility lies with different people, typically the default setting would be for this not to be ticked, so the person paying the creditor would select the invoices that are approved for payment and only pay those that are approved.


To view all invoices, tick Include fully Paid Purchases. You can filter the view by clicking Change Filter and selecting criteria as required.


change filter1


If you click the arrow symbol symbol to the left of an invoice that has payments applied to it, you can see the details of the payment(s), ie. the payment number and the date of the payment.


payment details


The Allocate Payments tab of the Creditor screen displays the purchase order list, and records information relating to the payment information, ie.





Payment Approved

Ticked if payment for this PO is approved.

Vend Inv#

Vendor's invoice number.

See Info (small) below


Jim2 purchase order number.

See Info (small) below


The date of the purchase.

Purchase Amt

The total amount of the purchase.

Paid Amt

The amount that has been paid.


The amount of early payment discount available on that purchase (according to the payment terms).

Account Fee Discount

The amount of the account fee on that purchase.

Paid Now

The amount that has been applied to be paid to that purchase in the current session.

Balance Due

The balance due on that purchase.

Date Due

The date that the purchase is due for payment.

If the due date has already passed, the text in this field will be displayed in red

Paid By

The method of payment – cash, cheque, etc.


Any comment that is attached to the payment.



Whether you see the Vend Inv# or the Purchase# field in the collapsed view depends on the selection you made in Tools > Options > Purchase. However, if you click the arrow symbol symbol at the top left of the grid, both of these fields will be shown, as well as the From# field.


Additional Options


Include fully paid Purchases

Tick this box to show all paid purchases.

Arrow (arrow symbol)

Click the arrow symbol symbol at the left of the Payment Approved field to show payments and returns that have been applied against this invoice. Click the arrow symbol symbol again to hide these details.

Auto Payment

Click this once you have entered payment information, and do not want to manually allocate it to the invoices. This method will allocate the payment to the oldest outstanding amounts first. You must sort your list so that the oldest is at the top first.

Clear Payments

This will clear any payment entry allocations. Your payment information – type, amount, etc. will remain. Only the allocations will be cleared.


If you right click within the grid, you will see more options:


Drop-down Option


Apply to Purchase

Apply the payment to this selected purchase.

right click options creditors

Auto Payment

Auto apply a payment to the oldest purchase first.

Recalculate Discount

Recalculate the discount of this selected line.

Clear Payments

Any payment allocations will be removed.

View Purchase #

View the selected purchase order.


Expand view to show payments and returns that have been applied against this invoice.


Restore the single row view for that invoice.

Expand All

Expand view to show payments and returns that have been applied against all invoices.

Collapse All

Restore the single row view for all invoices.

Export Data

Export data from the grid to a spreadsheet.

Print/Print Preview

Self explanatory.

Copy/Copy All/Copy Row

Self explanatory.


Further information: