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Jim2® Business Engine Help File

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Creditors Reports

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Creditors List Reports

1.Go to Accounts > Creditors, and run the Creditors List.

aged payables

2.Enter the As of date you wish to run the aged payables for.

3.Select Aged Payables Detailed report.

4.From there, either print or preview.

aged payables report


You can also select the Aged Payables Summary report, which will show a summary of payables for each creditor in the list.


Creditor Reports

From an individual creditor, you have the following reports to choose from:


creditor reports





You can print a cheque on your preprinted cheque form:


select cheque

Cheque Remittance

This allows you to produce a cheque remittance advice for emailing/printing. You can choose from either a cheque number or a payment number, which may have included numerous invoices in the payment.


cheque remittance

Credit Allocation

You can produce a report showing the credit allocations for payments:


credit alloc

Creditors Reconciliation

Select the dates from/to to view creditors reconciliation report, which can be saved in a spreadsheet format for reviewing if required.


creditor recon

Transaction History

This allows you to select a date range, then produce a transaction history that can be printed/emailed.


date range tr


transaction history


All these reports can either be printed or saved to a spreadsheet file.


Further information: