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Electronic Payments General Ledger Setup

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From the general ledger, add your bank account information to any bank accounts that you want to include in electronic banking sessions by editing that GL account and clicking Bank Info.


add gl account



The company name is important, as part of this is used in the payment reference that is generated when a payment is entered (and also appears on the recipient's bank statement). This is the only way the payment reference is generated. The first 15 characters of the company name, plus an internal Jim2 payment reference number are used to auto-generate the payment reference.


The User ID/APCA Number needs to be entered. This number needs to be obtained from your bank. If your bank doesn't require you to use a specific number, please enter six zeroes, as the field is required to be filled in.


We advise that you always send remittance advices when processing creditor payments, and perhaps create a specific email template to advise them of the likely reference that will appear on their bank statement.


The Bank File Format has three choices:


ABA (Self-Balancing).


You will need to check with your bank which choice to make here. Self-Balancing means that your bank requires an extra line in the file to represent the total debit from your account.

NZ Direct

For use in New Zealand.


Further information: